Artify Gallery presents Bloom: Butterflies will come when flowers in efflorescence, Taiwan artist Lin Ya Han’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, featuring contemporary ink paintings and delicate ceramic sculptures. Lin draws inspiration from the simple action of brushing one’s hair, using hair to symbolise inner thoughts and emotions, lacing fine lines and knots into flowers and butterflies with meanings that run deeper than the surface.

The artist has vivid memories of sisters braiding and combing each other’s hair. If tangled hair is a physical occurrence, then the tangled mind is an invisible abstraction. A hair stands on its own, and multiple threads make strands that pull on each other, perhaps fluttering in the wind, or else entwined in knots. Such is the case for the depths of our hearts.

Lin’s various artwork series force us to confront that which is inside through outwards appearance. Series Blooming and Pure Imagination Fly High shows flowers and butterflies depicted through fine lines, as if woven through tendrils of hair. Growing up can be likened to the stages flowering; not all buds will bloom at the same time, though in time these will all bloom into beautiful flowers. In her Shears series, the passing of time is like a pair of shears, slicing worldly troubles away, trimming and refining memories.

Mixing ink and mineral pigments achieves a moist and hydrated effect, due to their similarity in texture, while the slight reflections of mineral pigments add to the unique temperament of the work. As a female artist, Lin Ya Han records her emotions during painting. She creates exquisite scenes, woven through smooth lines. Her works express the complex and abstract sensations that are inexpressible through words.

The soft colours and delicate creative elements of Lin Ya Han has become a milestone for the new generation of artists throughout China, Hong Kong Macao, and Taiwan.