Artify Gallery is proud to present Ephemeral, a group exhibition by local artists Lau Yin Yeung, Lee Yik Long, Tai Man Wai Anita, Wong Chun Yam Leo and Wong Man Yan. This exhibition is a discovery of the eternal moment through the artistic eye. It is meant to encourage people to live in the moment and embrace the moment. Ephemeral will exhibit at Artify Gallery from 15 March to 12 May 2018.

Ephemeral is a reflection of the artists' emotions about the state of changing and vanishing of the world and the surroundings, the five local young artists transform their memories and emotions into various forms of arts by utilizing different mediums to capture the eternal moment in order for us to bring out the passion of our lives.

Due to a bike accident, it made him start to use landscape painting as a tool to express his emotional status. Additionally, Lau assimilates the concept of yin and yang into his painting: all things submit to yin and embrace yang in order to soften their energy to achieve harmony. He assumes that his living space (in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong) is yin, he has a desire to do something opposite (yang) to his habitant in order to achieve harmony. Painting landscape of Hong Kong is his way to release the dissatisfaction of this style of living in Hong Kong.

Lee makes use of a series of spatial reconstructions and layouts, the clues of the story to metaphorically reveal one’s unnatural yet unspeakable daily life events, fantasies and secrets. His paintings are an exploration of the possibilities of combination between space and objects through the original yet subliminal messages transforming in that scene – a heterotopias where reality meets fantasy.

Tai cares about the nature since she was young. She loves to collect tiny traces, like dead plants and insect corpses dropped from trees, and record this natural ecology she encounters within the urban space in a diary format. Her daily collection draws close connections between the nature and our urban lives.

His series of glass paintings is made up of familiar yet fragmented symbolic views in Hong Kong. He intends to use glass as the medium for he describes glass and blurred images as if the faint memories we see old objects – a state of existence and non-existence. His artwork is an expose of emotions and memories towards old and vanishing city views.

Her works are centered on the journey she had last year. Wong turns her affection for an interaction of the nature, mountains, abandoned and uninhabited places into art creation. Wong draws on an ephemeral light that she saw in a cave to develop multiple drawings that depict her life experiences and mental state.