Artify Gallery presents From Tranquillity to Eternity, a solo exhibition by the award-winning artist Kan Chi Hung. The exhibition will feature traditional Chinese Ink Paintings of mystical and grandiose landscapes.

The works of Kan Chi Hung explore the experience of peacefulness through mountainous landscapes. Kan is a prolific landscape painter, with a style that is characterized by delicate brushwork and a subtle palette. His treatment of space and light creates a misty atmosphere that has both a lyrical resonance and a sense of modernity.

The artist draws on the relationship between time and serenity as inspiration. For Kan, time is a subjective experience determined by our inner states. One can find eternity in a moment of tranquil repose, and in the beauteous landscapes crafted by the artisanal hands of nature. Kan would like the viewers to find their own introspective space of quietness and contentment in his works.