Denver, CO – On Friday, March 15, 2019 Bitfactory Gallery presents Mystery Achievements, a two-artist exhibition with a focus on Assemblage Art. Both artist paint and work in an assemblage/collage environment.

Cope works primarily with found objects and paints said found objects into his collages. Risius is on a journey of painting canvases, cutting them up, and then weaving them back together for a completely unique and non-traditional approach to painting. Jason Cope - work is influenced by the unknown, the unseen, and this strange phenomenon we call existence. Working somewhere between collage and assemblage, he creates scenes of complex systems that drive and destroy this vast ecology of nature and ourselves.

Mark Risius - woven canvas collages explore assemblage, the imaginative process, and transforming paintings into a unique genre of art. Mark’s creative desire for distinctive aesthetics is evident in every aspect of these works from his choice of color and style to the crafting of the handmade wooden frames.