At Bitfactory Gallery’s next Solo Exhibition on view from August 18th through September 14th, 2023, visitors will be welcomed with a “riot of color and texture” that invites them into the bold landscapes and cityscapes of artist Bruno D’Anna. Using the impasto painting technique, D’Anna lays down thick layers of paint, creating a texture that allows for impressive control of how the light plays in a scene—be it sunshine through a forest or a streetlamp illuminating a sidewalk.

D’Anna now spends half of the year in his native Italy but knows gallerist Bill Thomason through his time working out of his Bitfactory Studio.

D’Anna’s work is very accessible and always draws terrific feedback from the public, so I try to do an exhibition with D’Anna every other year. He was my very first tenant and was here until he and his wife decided to split their time between the US and Italy. We always work well together despite the language barrier as he speaks no English and I speak no Italian.

(Bill Thomason)

Born 1951 in Naples, Italy, Bruno D’Anna has shown an exceptional inclination for art since childhood. As a teenager he enrolled in the Artistic Lyceum of Naples, a vocational school in which he had the opportunity to learn from some of Italy’s most respected artists, including Armando De Stefano. While in school, he learned numerous painting techniques and the importance of art’s influence on people’s lives. He participated in numerous art exhibitions and galleries throughout the country and earned his Master of Arts degree in 1971. Afterward, D’Anna enrolled at the Naples Accademia delle Belle Arti with an emphasis on Scenography. After enhancing his artistic creativity and gaining full control of various techniques at the prestigious Academy he dedicated himself fully to painting. A remarkably expressive, figurative, vocational scenographer and painter at heart, D’Anna merges various techniques to encompass his own emotions, the exaltation of nature, and the purity of poetry.