Bitfactory Gallery presents a Solo Exhibition by Prerna Kapoor inspired by “ikigai”, pronounced (ee-kee-ga-ee), a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”.

This show takes viewers on a profound, stimulating, and magical visual journey showcasing the artist’s Japanese life experiences that influenced her artistic style and interpretation of the concept. “Ikikai” opens May 19 with an Opening Reception from 6 to 9 pm at 851 Santa Fe Drive. The public is also invited to view the show during the First Friday Art Walk on June 2, 6 to 9 pm, and during regular gallery hours 11:30 am to 3 pm, Tuesdays-Sundays through Jun 8, 2023.

India-born and raised in Japan, with time spent in Scotland, Singapore, and now Colorado, Kapoor’s multicultural background adds depth and character to her landscapes and abstracts that are inspired by this colorful state. Each oil painting and mixed media piece has been carefully crafted to express her unique perspective, incorporating a range of colors, textures, and techniques. Viewers will be inspired to reflect on their own life experiences and discover their own ikigai.

Awarded an art scholarship at age 15 to study Fine Arts in Edinburgh, Scotland, Kapoor later completed her Arts Diploma from Delhi College of Art in 2009 as well as obtaining an advanced art degree. She has exhibited her work in leading art galleries in New Delhi and has shown locally in Colorado with this, her first solo exhibition at Bitfactory. She has previously worked as a Japanese language Interpreter and Translator and now devotes her time to creating art.

I consider myself a global citizen. At the age of 15, I was awarded an art scholarship to study Fine Arts in Edinburgh, Scotland. It introduced me to my passion and calling. I firmed in my resolve to learn and explore my love for colors further. It is always someone’s belief and encouragement that turns into motivation, as happened with me. From being a Japanese interpreter and Translator to a full-fledged devoted to art painter, the journey has had its moments of vacillation as well. From enrolling for further studies in art school, as also rediscovering my Indian roots, I had a great opportunity to showcase my work in some leading art galleries in New Delhi and Denver. It enriched my color palette as well as added to my repertoire.

Experiencing such diverse cultures has had a unique influence on the little nuances of my thought process, invariably finding its way onto my canvasses through my brushes and colors. I have been extremely blessed that I could learn and amalgamate all these influences in my work from the Japanese Sumi art, where each stroke is expressive and speaks about the distinctly meditative culture, to the Indian which is a riot of colors and textures in a traditional way, to the other nuances of Scotland and Singapore where I lived a while and now US since last 10 years painting and practicing real estate full time. It’s an ever-evolving vocabulary.

Nature in all its splendor and glory is an immense inspiration for my landscapes. The sight remains in my psyche till I have translated it to my canvas forever. My abstract paintings are an endeavor to explore the hitherto unknown realms of my own complex consciousness.

(Prerna Kapoor)