Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) is pleased to present “L’emigrante di Manoa” the first solo exhibition in Milan by the Venezuelan artist Pedro Terán (Barcelona, ​​Venezuela, 1943) considered one of the pioneers of conceptual art in Venezuela. Living in Viterbo, the artist is today in political asylum.

In this solo show “L’emigrante di Manoa” the artist focuses his formal and conceptual attention on the categories linked to myth and reality, developing alternative images of body, space and time. In his proposal two crucial axes are connected: the geographical and the cultural, distant and different from each other through a subtle and ironic political emphasis. The voice of the emigrant talks to us about two worlds with a suspended identity. Floating in spatial indeterminacy it narrates visions of pain, exile, uprooting, cultural transit and tells of the expiration of ideological conceptions that influence the rights and freedoms of the human being. The work of the Venezuelan artist Pedro Terán put us in fronts of different notions from those we are used to in our daily perception. The space-time dimension is presented in an open somatic challenge that forces our bodies to re-adapt the surrounding world and leads us into a universe of altered places. His work is structured in various visual strategies such as design, mixed media, body action, installation and interventions of rural and urban landscape to investigate artistic, historical and mythical backgrounds related to their reality.

The cement material becomes unquestionable and allusive the main character of a ruinous modernity, the failure of the desire for an uncontrolled progress and the last ambitious. The grey landscape shows us its decadent face. A fleeting and transitory image that materializes in the current artistic proposal of Pedro Terán. In the work of Pedro Terán, Manoa is the metaphor that refers to a contemporary reality linked in a mythical and historical past. Manoa, or the legendary El Dorado, the mythical golden city sought by the conqueror and the golden adventurer constitutes a recurrent thematic appropriation in the work of Pedro Terán witnessed by his participation in international exhibitions, among which we can mention: XVIII Bienalle of Sao Paulo - Brazil, 1985. National Art Gallery, Caracas - Venezuela, 1990. Havana Biennial - Cuba, 1991. Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre - Brazil, 1996.

His works have been exhibited in the following Art Biennials: First Biennial Design and Engraving National Art Gallery, Caracas1982. The Visual Arts Biennial, Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas 1983. The 18th Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil 1985. The Biennial of Havana, Cuba 1986, 1991. The Biennial of Guayana, Jesus Soto Modern Art Museum, Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela 1991. The Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil 1996. The international art biennial of Cumaná, Edo. Sucre 1998. The Barro Biennial of América (guest artist), Sofía Imber Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas, 2001. He has also participated in numerous art fairs including: FIA, Iberoamerican Art Fair, Caracas, 2007. Paris Photo of Paris, 2014 and Art Basel, Miami Beach, 2014. Paris Photo, Paris, 2016. Art Basel , Miami Beach, 2016. ArtBO, Bogota, 2016. ArtBo, Bogotá, 2018.