Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) is pleased to present “158” the first solo show in viale sabotino of Agnese Guido (1982, Lecce), one of the most popular artists within the underground scene of Milan.

The exhibition consists of a series of its traditional tempera on paper, depicting both fantastic characters and subject to be quite common, interspersed with word games and suggestive references in satirical and melancholy tone at the same time, works that already found many good feedback on the social networks. The works are easy to read and seem to tell how the unconscious of the artist is based inexorably with his imagination, allowing you to interpret daily-life situations in a distorted way and eye-catching. In her works it’s possible to perceive a musical influence, dictated by the pretty strong and smooth brush strokes that they almost look like musical scores.

“Painting, for me, is the invocation of the spirits of the white paper. I might start with the observation, from the landscape, from objects, from the facts, anything, choose, and give clues to the reality in order to evade boredom and, at that point, in the same instant “abandonment,” the reality, and I start from me, from my head, an idea, an image or a word can come to life or turn into another.” The subjects are always humanized, even though it is often a lot of objects, they fail to take lives, as if they were animated by a spirit. Characters/objects that recount a story, the same one that makes them angry, scare, laugh, cry, shout. The psychological dimension takes a fundamental importance within the work of the artist who investigates the emotional components and sensitive of the characters depicted, that they become the mirror of the concerns and the issues that affect people in everyday life.

It is an investigation that aims to bring out the dark sides and the most disturbing of things in their complexity. The exhibition will also present sculptures that express the versatility of the artist in relation to the different techniques of expression, which, through an installation visually impactful, will tell the story of the birth of ceramics in the digital age.

Agnese Guido lives and works in Milan. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera has taken part in numerous exhibition projects and participated in several Art fairs.