Alexandre Gallery is pleased to present Brett Bigbee: New Paintings, an exhibition of recent works that represent a significant shift in form and content from the artist’s work to date.

Brett Bigbee is known for his unique magical precisionist realist style through which he has created a small yet consistent body of psychically intense figurative paintings that share qualities of both European Renaissance masters and American folk art. Breaking from these disciplines and styles, Bigbee’s most recent paintings, completed over the past year, are intimate surrealist portrayals of his own emotional landscape. Imagery includes animals, birds, flowers and the landscape depicted in a style that feels like imaginary contemporary illuminated manuscripts. The artist writes of this new work: In the past, my paintings took years to complete. I sought to create works that required exactitude and adhered to the disciplines devised by artists throughout history. These works are contemplative and bring great meaning to me.

However, my life did not follow a predictable path, and my new paintings started to reflect my internal and external conflicts. As a result, where I once almost froze each moment in silence, I began to reveal the forces that shape us all. So here in these first paintings I explore a path toward freedom as a visual storyteller.