Renata Fabbri is glad to present Ogni Pensiero Vola, Bea Bonafini’s first solo show in Italy.

Rooted in the compositional and iconographic research that defines the artist’s background as painter, Bea Bonafini’s work articulates transversally, moving across heterogeneous media, languages and physicalities. Relying on materials that are intrinsically related to the body and the subject’s intimate sphere, the artist shifts her pictorial register to an environmental level, combining immersive installations with a fauna of chameleonic objects and sculptural configurations.

In her recent productions, she emphasizes the use of textiles, tapestries and other materials able to project the viewer into a comfortable space. A place incarnating the sacrality and the familiarity of the domestic dimension, therefore instigating an encounter with the artwork that is both bodily and spiritual. On the occasion of her first exhibition at the gallery, Bea Bonafini not only investigates the compenetration of art and intimate spaces, it also looks into the movement of elevation and metamorphosis that goes with such intersection. As suggested in the title – which is in turn taken from an inscription found in the famous Gardens of Bomarzo – the project explores the idea of flying as a phenomenon relating to magic, spirituality as well as to the animal world. The artist floods the gallery with colourful figures; intertwined silhouttes on majestic carpets sit next to a multitude of divers, birds and other subjects peeking out of the walls.

In Ogni Pensiero Vola Bea Bonafini opens up the core of her research, bringing forward an osmotic system of symbols and forms which fluidly transform as they circulate from one work to the other. The artist further extends such personal lexicon, gathering personal and collective imaginaries, fantastic and historical narratives within the same explosive visual constellation.