Agora Gallery is pleased to announce I Remember You, I Know this Place, a group exhibition featuring twelve artists whose work speaks to recognition, the defamiliarization of the real, and social identity. The exhibition includes Jayne Rolinson, Karen Kanas, D. L. Brabander, Garese, Lynde, Rody, Pablo Serrano, Tammy Phillips, Israel Feldmann, Monika Gloviczki, Kingetsu Ishii, and Fariba Baghi.

I Remember You, I Know this Place is primarily an exhibition of paintings, with occasional forays into sculpture and ink on paper works. Throughout the exhibition, viewers will encounter figurative, yet also suggestively abstract works that convey a phrasal meaning. The works included in the show are organized in such a way that the viewer might experience a sudden insight — or act of recognition — regarding the human condition.

I Remember You, I Know this Place exhibits all the distinguishing characteristics of the human, while defamiliarizing these to such a degree as to appear all but unrecognizable. In this manner, the exhibition comes to portray human desire as something that must be continually reinterpreted, questioned, and recognized anew. In every work on display, something seems to elude conventional understanding, inducing viewers search out a mystery hidden in broad daylight.

I Remember You, I Know this Place will open on Saturday, November 10th with a reception on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 from 6 to 8 pm.