The 30th anniversary of Galerie La Forest Divonne is the opportunity to present for the first time a solo exhibition by David Lefebvre, who joins the gallery after six solo show at Galerie Zürcher.

Born in 1980, David Lefebvre works both with painting and ceramics. The September exhibition will include paintings, ceramics, as well as drawings on clay boards, scraped, and sometimes partially painted. Lefebvre mainly explores landscapes - probably inspired by the mountains that surround Grenoble, where David Lefebvre has his studio. But one could as well be on the surface of an unknown planet: strange black holes or multicoloured stones suddenly appear and distort our first impressions.

Obviously, we aren't placed in front of a real landscape but rather in front of a dreamed or mental space- in the space of representation, close to a psychoanalytic universe. However, this world of the mind is inscribed in a very tangible, highly worked-out material, which alternates thicknesses and resistances in a mixture of familiarity and mystery.

In parallel, to mark the 30th anniversary of the gallery, a room will present a group exhibition of all the artists of the gallery assembled in an amateur cabinet: "the choice of the gallerists", Jean de Malherbe and Marie-Hélène de La Forest Divonne - works taken out of their offices for this exceptional occasion.