Jeff Kowatch testifies to a research as demanding as it is original: that of the music of the world. Sometimes thunderous and fierce; sometimes delicate in its polyphony. A world of light that evokes the late Monet and his fairy-tale water lilies as well as the mystical Rothko, which unravels in its fields of pure colours the diversity of a world dedicated entirely to the spiritual. A single breath passes between the jubilant assumption of lush pastels and the calm meditation of large paintings where forms find their balance.

(Michel Draguet, in Fullness and colourfull masquerade, 2018)

Galerie La Forest Divonne has been working closely with Jeff Kowatch since 2008 in France. In Brussels, the gallery associates exceptionally with Galerie Faider to highlight the importance and diversity of the work of this American painter living in Belgium.

From November 8 to December 23, 2018, Jeff Kowatch's recent works will be exhibited at the same time in the two galleries, each one presenting a different technique: oils on canvas at Galerie Faider, and pastels on paper and Dibond at Galerie La Forest Divonne. A catalog will be published for these shows, with an important text by Michel Draguet, Director of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

On the opening night, a shuttle service will be provided between the two Galleries in Saint-Gilles.

Jeff Kowatch, born in California in 1965, moved to Belgium fifteen years ago after working in New York for a decade. He developed a colorist painting marked by the great American abstracts, from Mark Rothko to Brice Marden and, for the technique, by the great Flemish painters, Rembrandt in particular - whose recipes for linseed oil he reclaimed - giving his painting a particular effect of depth and transparency, specific to the glacis of the North.