Qatar Museums is proud to present Pearls: Treasures from the Seas and the Rivers as part of the activities of Qatar-Russia 2018 Year of Culture.

This exhibition, which shows the diversity and breadth of the Qatar Museums collection, is a rare opportunity to see one of the finest specimens of pearl jewellery ever assembled. More than 100 pieces have been curated by the internationally renowned pearl expert, Dr. Hubert Bari, from around the world, including the Gulf, Europe and Asia. Marvel at masterpieces by Cartier, a spectacular tiara worn by Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria, and five royal tiaras from other European monarchies. Other highlights include ethnographic and tribal pieces of pearl jewellery such as headdresses from Tibet.

Another motive for exhibiting this glorious past at the State Historical Museum is that the rivers and lakes of Russia delivered pearls in vast quantities as well. These freshwater pearls, though not widely known, embellished icons in churches, horses’ garments and cloth for the imperial nobility. The pearl is the only naturally beautiful gem which is neither cut nor polished by man. This exhibition answers many of the questions surrounding these natural wonders of the sea, and celebrates this amazing gemstone in all its glory.