Qatar Museums is proud to present Making Doha: 1950 – 2030, on the occasion of the National Museum of Qatar inauguration.

The exhibition reflects on the process of urbanism rather than its outcome. For the first time Doha’s evolution is displayed as a retrospective through seventy years of archival photography, models, plans, films, historic and oral narratives. This material was excavated by Qatar based Atlas Bookstore research team from local and international institutional archives, complimented by interviews with state decision-makers, architects and city planners.

Designed by OMA/AMO, the exhibition examines how this capital city was assembled and how its construction affected the global discipline of architecture across four major chapters: Seeds of a Nation (1950–1971), Modern State (1971–1995), And the World (1995–2010) and Destination Qatar (2010–2030).

Doha is a metropolis put together with care; successive layers of ambition have not created a disjointed patchwork, but a functioning, original, livable whole. The city’s progressive, humanistic principles are translated by the leadership in state-led urban developments. Local, regional and international architects, eleven Pritzker Laureates among them, have together constructed a bold modern city. Driven by foresight and institution building Doha is an unparalleled architectural ensemble.