Baahng Gallery is pleased to announce Performative, a group exhibition, featuring works by Brian Dailey, Miryana Todorova and Rae BK. Performative elements are essential to their works; this exhibition is a cross section of their oeuvre showcasing selected paintings, sculptures, and a media work.

Washington D.C. based artist Brian Dailey presents a single channel video, Jikai, shown on multiple synchronized monitors as a featured video in the Times Square Midnight Moment series, making an allusion to Shakespeare’s line in The Merchant of Venice. The moth in Jikai is a metaphor for political systems and its fluttering around a light bulb is a meditation on political disintegration.

Living and working between Sofia and New York, Miryana Todorova questions the politics of public space and the potential for inhabiting space differently through movable architecture and performative instability. On view are works from her series Foreign Bodies and Movables. Temporary structures in transit set up new ways of perception and geometry. With shifting grounds and no solidity, the work continuously involves movement and reinvention of space and every layer becomes a reaction to the transformation of a physical and spatial encounter. Negotiation becomes the infrastructure- no arrangement being accidental and no order fixed- resulting into a hybrid structure shaped by vulnerability.

Brooklyn artist, painter and sculptor, RAE -BK, showcases an assemblage made up of smashed-up bits and found objects welded together as mangled sculpture. His works are feats of random engineering combining things like metal grates, goggles, and chipped-off box fan blades, seemingly emotive human figures. RAE as a street artist creates lively and chaotic frescoes that manage to blend into urban environment eventuating fantastical and anarchical installations.