Woodward Gallery invites you to a Visual Destination, a journey into color, water and consciousness honoring the natural rhythm of the earth opening on the Summer Solstice. As many of us start our plans for the warm weather, a group of 3 Artists entice you to venture into serenity. Susan Breen, Jess Hurley Scott and Margaret Morrison pack years of formal painting into their excursions.

Susan Breen paints harmonious contemporary abstractions hinting of organic elements in various states of flux. Her scenic, bright color and representational imagery of trees and fauna absorb into an ethereal palette. Breen’s soulful awareness of birds- their temperament, their spiritual being- peacefully join in circular union on canvas.

Jess Hurrley Scott, a contemporary painter of land and sea, creates bubbling, foaming, crashing water scenes suspended in nature with layered, translucent, acrylic panels. She manages light, illusion, and perception bringing the viewer beneath the soothing waves of her imagination. Overlaying sheets of painted plexiglass add motion to her silent waves in a unique 3D painted experience.

Margaret Morrison is best known for her vivid, still-life and surreal figurative paintings. Her realist oil compositions, expertly combine bold, natural color and light. Morrison’s larger-than-life floral paintings tempt us to reach out to touch the petals! She celebrates the beauty of the flower in a close-up, magnified scale.

At this time of world unrest, here is your opportunity to take respite in a genuine visual destination by visiting Woodward Gallery’s street level exhibition windows on Eldridge Street day or night, enjoying the paintings from your digital device online, or scheduling a one-on-one appointment at the gallery. Allow these paintings to move you this summer season.