The Rockefeller Park Preserve, NY, encompasses forested hills, and valleys interspersed with the pastoral landscape of the Pocantico watershed. A distinguished feature of the Preserve is 45 miles of carriage paths designed by John D. Rockefeller that lead around the 22 acre Swan Lake, shady river lanes, and panoramic vistas over 1400 acres including the Hudson River including the blooming of the Japanese Peony Garden, an annual celebration mid-May.

Generously gifted by the Rockefeller family since 1983, and currently managed by Susan Antennen, the mission is to safeguard the lands' beauty and wildlife for generations to come.

This Spring, the Art Gallery at Rockefeller State Park Preserve welcomes the art exhibition “From Nature” by Artist Val Kilmer to further enhance the cultural experience for visitors, Audrey Leeds, Rockefeller Park Preserve and John Woodward, Woodward Gallery, NYC curate the Exhibition.