On Saturday, April 7 , downtown Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery (CHG) will proudly premiere the new works of Alessia Iannetti , Erika Sanada and Tarntara Sudadung in Gallery 3 , curated by Caro Buermann . Iannetti, Sanada and Sudadung are leading surrealist artists who hail from around the world. Each will present their own solo showcase. The shows are: A master illustrator who works with graphite on wood panel, Iannetti honors the Divine Feminine and its unity with nature in her latest body of work.

“Fireflies, bees, moths, butterflies and small birds emerge from the original nature of manifested reality, from the Great Universal Mother,” she says in her artist statement. “They represent the omnipresent enlightened and secret potential, an immanent effervescence that hides beyond ordinary illusions. The eye of the Artist reveals this mystery, which is imbued with colors and shapes in a moment of connection, of sensual presence in the Elsewhere, of a slight disturbance, or in a fleeting smile. In the meticulous details we glimpse the fragile eternity of beauty stolen from time; between shadow and light emerges a sacred face of Poetry, young Hecate, pure and deadly.”

The new work in creature designer and surreal sculptor Erika Sanada’s exhibit, “Meet Me Halfway,” portrays her nagging worries as fantastical animals straight out of a dark fairytale. “I have constant anxieties and I worry about every little thing,” says Sanada in her artist statement. “It's hard to take control of them, so I'm trying to be civil with them. I negotiate, compromise, and adjust. So meet me halfway.” Her show will premiere over a dozen new sculptures.

Using illustration and oil paints as her medium, in “Behind the Mythic Veil,” Sudadung creates a narrative by arranging the order and tone of each painting to be consistent and correspond with each other—each painting like a chapter in a book set in a world of hazy atmospheres and subdued color tones. She challenges audiences by letting them imagine meanings and find answers for puzzles hidden in her work’s symbolic forms, many based on historical and regional meanings, religious doctrines that she firmly believes in, childhood memories, lovely cartoon characters that later became her tattoos, legendary stories that have enthralled her for a lifetime, and the natural environment in her hometown.

Alessia Iannetti was born in 1985 in Carrara and attended The Academy of Fine Arts where she studied with Professor Omar Galliani. She inherited his skilful technique of graphite on wood panel, and the “stigmata” of the most fascinating contemporary illustration which can be seen both in her perspectives and in her cinematography framing, made of blacks and whites, and of endless shades of greys, restoring the perfection of depth to monochrome and drawing.

Erika Sanada is California based artist and her early inspirations stemmed from creatures and characters of dark films. Watching films were way of escaping from her bitter childhood. She creates hairless ceramic creatures and they are often adorable, but also has bizarre shape. Her artwork has been published in Hi-Fructose Magazine, Hey! Magazine and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. 'My work reflects the weird and the creepy. I am fascinated with the dark side,” she explains.

Tarntara Sudadung (born 1991), graduated with a Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts of Silpakorn University. She creates her art by drawing and oil color painting. Most of her art works are inspired by her interest in the beauty of female, Eastern culture and beliefs, and her own deep feelings. The canvas is a mirror that reflects the artist’s identity in the parallel world. The purest of her subconscious world, reflecting so much of her life.