Forests and mountains is the last series from Francisco Nicolás, where he gives a twist to previous processes, taking as a starting point the landscape or nature, something that Francisco loves with great intensity.

In this series of forests and mountains, Francisco wants to recapitulate te essence of previous works, done between 2010 and 2015.

He Mainly uses digital techniques here, as in the first works of 2010 and 2011.

Francisco plays with the landscape creating situations or changes, through the introduction of strange forms to the naked eye, with which he creates atmospheres, let's say unreal, because like Magritte, Francisco wonders what or which, is the reality. He creates mysterious atmospheres added to those already existing in the forest or in the mountain, the geometric forms are interrelated with the organic forms of nature, which in reality are the same, because according to the Pythagoreans, any body has its origin in geometry. We could say that nature in this case shows its beginning or origin, which would be equivalent to its soul.

Francisco's work, is also characterized by mixing, or rather uniting concepts opposed to each other at first glance, but based on scrutinizing, observing and analyzing them has proven that they are not so different from each other

As we can see specifically in the work entitled "Lights in the mountains". When we talk about lights in the mountains, we always think about the romantic idea of light, in this case, Francisco plays ironically introducing in a landscape of romantic idea, the modern symbol of light as is the light bulb, creating certain contradictions with respect to the established ideas.