We could call him “the man of a thousand faces”, as besides his activity as an architect he was also an urban planner, inventor, designer, philosopher, writer, poet, agitator, polemicist, promoter, and painter. From an early age he stood out among his schoolmates and following his teacher’s suggestions went on to study painting and architecture.

Le Corbusier combined his activity as an architect, artist and designer of furniture. “Le Corbusier uses a single, orthogonal, scheme to synthesise all the indices of existence: vision, geometry, ethics. The right angle is the expression of an anthropological fact, it represents the process of civilisation” explains Marisa García Vergara, architect and doctor in Theory and History of Architecture.

In this exhibition we are given a creator of exceptional forms who, aside from his constant endeavour to harmonise architecture with industrial civilisation, and working consistently with an interdisciplinary knowledge typical of an inquisitive, curious and humanistic character, proposed a new way of perceiving art.