The Pythagoreans considered the numbers spatially. The unit is the point, the two is the line, the three the surface, the four the volume. To say that all things are numbers would mean that "all bodies consist of points or units in space, which, when taken together, constitute a number".

... for they [the Pythagoreans] plainly say that when the one had been constructed, whether out of planes or of surface or of seed or of elements which they cannot express, immediately the nearest part of the unlimited began to be drawn in and limited by the limit.

Artur Aguilar's pictorial practice is based on the application of geometric and mathematical rules. His work is formally reductionist because he returns to geometry, to two-dimensionality, uses pure shapes and offers rationality through series of elements that are placed in the space, but the colour brings us closer to the warmth of the sensibility Eileen Senner.

Senner's work probes the relationship between our animal instinctual selves and our human cerebral selves. Her work suggests classical fragmented human torsos as a reference to human culture with its preferences for tidy and artificial boundaries.

Senner's paintings suggest that we emerge from darkness, that we pass into darkness, and that between these two nights we are filled with light. And that to be lost and then realize the nature of that darkness and that light is the human work we do to truly become ourselves.

Salvador’s pieces probes the relationship between the human body and the thirst for wisdom sciene in the cultural scene that surrounds the human being, written in the books this, always had the need of knowledge, Salvador embeds these concepts in the head, the part of the body where knowledge accumulates Joe Sobel.

Joe’s work symbolizes the peels of bodies, playing with parts of encapsulated human skin and as body wrapping material. The dichotomy is that of the body and its envelopment.

Peels is an on-going series made up of synthetic materials such as polyurethane foam, transparent lacquer and acrylic paint. He displaces these objects and materials by tearing or peeling them from their original substrate to create compositions based on how he feels about them specifically. After finding a frame he squishes them between glass/plexi and mdf. The softness is that of something internal and just above the surface. Is the composition an object and the glass skin? Each piece is an unidentifiable object posing as a potential biological structure whose texture is lost.

As you can see, I wanted to unite, in this exhibition, four artists whose work at first sight is different from each other, but all these works, in some way represent the idea of the body in all conifications. We could say that each of them represents different functions but all are interrelated.

We can say that Artur represents the Soul or the beginning of all the bodies, Salvadorr the mind, Senner the body that contains both, and Joe the wrapping that protects them.