This exhibition aims to turn the spotlight on Casablanca’s creative energy, through the work of three young artists who commute between Morocco and Europe.

Randa Maroufi’s work consists of photos, videos, installations, performances and sound art. The artist is interested in the staging of bodies in public or intimate space. Her approach is often political, and focuses on ambiguity in order to question the status of images. We will be exhibiting Maroufi’s videos Le Park and Stand By Office, as well as her new production Apparitions, a project about public space and gender that she is starting up in Brussels as part of Moussem Cities.

Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni bases himself on real, personal or collective facts or events. He questions the human condition without judgement or criticism, thereby reflecting on its values and focusing on the human capacity to imbue violence and pain with meaning, and/or to transcend them. The exhibition includes his visual work Piece of Bread, as well as the light installation The City of the Living and the new creation Jotiya (‘flea market’), which Moussem Cities commissioned him to create during a residence in Casablanca.

Youssef Ouchra has a multidisciplinary oeuvre that focuses on the relationship between mankind and his environment. He combines sound art, graphic design, performance, installation and video. Ouchra presents the video installation and performance Informatage #1, the installation and video Daqa F’Marrakchia, and the new production Meta-Fausse-Mort, an experimental and participatory performance that asks questions about an artist’s ‘career’.