Contemporary Korean art is closely linked to the country’s history, geography and politics. It was only with the arrival of democracy in 1987 that Korea was freed from dictatorial regimes. Within a few decades, it went from an autarky to a technological economy. With the spread of globalization and the advent of the digital era, its art milieu was turned upside down. However, in the mid-1990s, a group of artists launched a new artistic dynamic independent of the dominant contemporary Western culture.

The work of the nine artists presented at Galerie Artvera’s stands between tradition and modernity.

Artists presented: CHA Seungean, JUNG Hai Yun, KIM Hyung Dae, KIM Jong-Ku, LEE Jaesam, PARK HeeSeop, SHIN Meekyoung, YOO Geun-Taek & YOUN Myeung-Ro.

Now aged between 40 and 80, these artists each create art forms that are ‘analogous’ to those created manually in a world where digital civilization is dominated by the internet and social media. Among these artists, some address contemporary subjects using oriental pictorial and sculptural materials and techniques (mulberry paper, fabrics, ink); while others focus on classical subjects, such as landscape, and employ more contemporary tools (performance, ephemeral art).

Each aims to consolidate their artistic identity in their own individual way, the result being a rich diversity bearing characteristics of historical and contemporary Korean culture. With their involvement in major shows, these artists are bringing a new potential to the international art scene.