Following the success of the first exhibition in 2017, confirmed by the public’s reception at Asia Now Paris in October 2018, Artvera’s gallery is proud to present on the occasion of its new exhibition Korean’s Spirit II, a new selection of South Korean artists.

Technology and tradition, utopia and reality, civilization and nature: these are some of the contradictions that inspire Korean artists, searching for universal harmony where every element finds its opposite: the “Um Yang” balance (Korean Yin-Yang).

Strongly influenced by ancient Chinese philosophy, the Korean culture gives a primary importance to the balance between the elements: water and fire, air and earth. Filled with symbolism, the natural environment and its infinite diversity of colours and forms, has inspired Korean artists throughout history.

The 15 artists of this exhibition are offering a rich diversity of visual languages, that remains little known in Europe. All creating works that integrate traditional techniques, they engage a dialogue between tradition and modernity. Through a rich diversity of materials, these works reflect an exceptional quality of labour and a rare authenticity.

This exhibition evocates one of the central subjects in Korean art today: the way human beings coexist with nature, bringing up a critical debate about our contemporary societies.

In a world of digital civilization, internet and social media, the artists presented in this exhibition aim to consolidate their own artistic identity by creating and intensifying the oriental characteristics of painting and sculpture. The works they create all translate a thought, a state of mind and a creative process suffused with humanity.