The Gathering presents two large paintings from Anthony Cudahy, appropriating an image of a 1970's gay and lesbian group camping retreat. Several smaller pieces also reiterate, reflect, distort, and expand the scene, pointing to a past that isn't fixed, but is malleable and full of queer potentiality.

Marcelo Gabriel Yáñez, art historian and photographer, will be writing an essay to exist adjacent to the paintings.

Anthony Cudahy is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He received his BFA in 2011 from Pratt Institute, and co-curates a publishing project named Slow Youth. In 2016, he exhibited a body of paintings entitled NARSOLIPS at Cooler Gallery in Brooklyn and has shown at Farewell Books (Austin, TX) and Mumbo's Outfit (Manhattan, NY). He has been in group shows at MULHERIN NY, Practice, Harpy Gallery, and ATHICA, among others. His work has also been featured and reviewed in publications including Mossless, the Paris Review, Hello Mr., Marco Polo Quarterly, and Cakeboy. He is a former resident of the Artha Project. Dashwood Books produced a zine in 2017 of Cudahy and his husband, Ian Lewandowski's, work.