Cédric Eisenring’s exhibition for Kirchgasse is rooted in his rigorous examination of the relationship between image production and spatial intervention. His drawings, objects and installations are characterized by a narrative polyphony and display numerous references to literature, children’s books, comics and art history.

In the process, Eisenring always reflects on the forms of production, the materiality and the context of his work. While he has negotiated this constellation primarily in individual works, in this exhibition it has been arranged as an overall sculpture between image and space.

Eisenring’s new heads made of colored epoxy resin are both independent objects as well as functional elements of the exhibition architecture. Behind the translucent head motifs, a space opens that reveals the gallery’s bare architecture, its old columns and beams, and its history as a building. The passing through of the heads can also be understood as an entry into the inner world of the imaginary: the imagination lives behind the faces. The body that passes through the heads into the lurking room thus generates a multitude of possible narratives. In it, imagination and concept, image surface and spatial body, intermingle.

On the occasion of the awarding of the Manor Art Prize, parts of the exhibition will travel to the Aargauer Kunsthaus at the end of January 2018, where Cédric Eisenring’s works will be presented in a solo exhibition.