With his self-proclaimed “Science Fiction Expressionism,” André Butzer (1973) became one of the most renowned and influential painters of his generation in the mid-1990s. Between pop culture and world history, Butzer created a candidly expressive and comic-like art cosmology. His fictions forego a clear narration and a hermetic approach or stylistic features. Butzer's works generate their own content and stories; painted energy positioned between geometry and arbitrariness, humor and severity, danger and charm.

With the N Paintings, a series begun in 2010, Butzer's characteristic motifs and colors reappear. The works reveal their origins: line and plane, vertical and horizontal. The shift towards this radical abstraction was not a simple break with earlier paintings. Considered together, all images explore the reciprocal condition of figuration and abstraction, of fiction and the reality of painting.

The exhibition at Kirchgasse is accompanied by a catalogue with a text by the artist.

A new publication by Edition Linn, which includes selected press releases, letters, interviews, texts and poems by André Butzer, will be presented at the opening of the exhibition.