Hong Kong artist Wu Siu Ping, Evan, returns to Artify Gallery with a fresh and exciting exhibition three years after Tidbits of Life, her first solo exhibition at the gallery. The upcoming solo show Symbiosis will feature traditional Chinese ink paintings depicting elusive landscapes as a means to open a dialogue on nature and humans existence within it. The exhibition will run from 20th December 2017 to 10 February 2018 at Artify Gallery.

The work of Wu Siu Ping, Evan is drawn in pure traditional Chinese coke ink, a dry brush painting style, with traditional forms of Chinese ink stroke, and mixed with Western sketching techniques. Her works define a very delicate depiction of landscape painting. Wu’s landscapes are representational, however, instead of describing a single situation, the artist uses a selective content of images with negative spacing interspersed between the whole drawing in order to present an opposite effect; to both simultaneously gather and scatter; to be both virtual and reality; thus inventing a balanced visual.

In her series of Chinese ink paintings titled Symbiosis, the artist utilizes the two-dimensional planes of wood and images of butterflies in order to create a permeation effect for a much more harmonising result. Wu believes that everything in this world exists relative to one another, not one species could live on their own. Humankind will slowly march towards their destruction if they continue to disrespect nature with the ceaseless deforestation, and butterflies will not exist in the near future after losing their home. If we don't change our way of living, we will only be able to see butterflies in paintings and pictures in the near future.

Wu’s landscape drawings present not only the visual beauty, but also the strong concept behind. She uses different mediums and forms to explore the relationship between the nature and human, as well as the humanity, and Chinese ink drawing is her favourite medium amongst all. Her drawing is clean and bright, yet full of interesting thoughts, which can always echo and resonate with audiences. Wu uses her landscapes to frame new ideologies on globalization and humankind, and also to open a dialogue on environmental protection and conservation. Through her ink flows a concept of equilibrium and equality for all beings on earth, despite their differing nations and species. All are equal and all maintain balance and harmony in her artwork.