This exhibition is an attempt to honor President Xi Jinping’s instructions on literary and art creation, tell China’s stories with plastic arts, and spread traditional Chinese culture. All the exhibits are the fruits of the Chinese Civilization and History Themed Fine Arts Creation Project which was jointly launched by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Culture. After the project concluded this year, all the artworks that had passed the acceptance inspection became part of the NMC collection.

The 26 sculptures on display are about specific themes of Chinese civilization and history. Faithful to the history and original in design, these sculptures have successfully represented the glorious past of Chinese civilization and fully demonstrated the cultural values and the contemporary spirit of the Chinese nation.

Among them there are not only sculptures of historical figures, but also group sculptures and relief works, featuring either a group of figures or different scenarios, as well as decorative wall sculptures, enriching the forms and styles of artistic representation of historical figures and events.