The Exhibition of Selected African Sculptures in the Collection of the National Museum of China displays more than 510 artworks selected from the African sculptures donated by Mr. Xie Yanshen, including statues, masks, crestings and articles for daily use.

The exhibits are mostly from Central Africa and West Africa, south of the Sahara Desert. They boast diverse types and styles, and are full of realism and appropriate exaggeration as well as strong rhythm, which will impress the audience with a touching primitive and rugged beauty. African sculpture is not only a form of art, but also a means for achieving harmony between human, nature and society, which has a close connection with traditional African religion, morality and ethics, and living customs.

They will deepen Chinese people’s understanding of this art form that combines different African tribes’ diligence and intelligence and the mysterious time-honored African customs and culture, and will promote the cultural exchanges between China and Africa and the development of the two cultures.