Leader, People- the National Museum Collection of the Masterpieces of Chinese Modern Fine Art is based on the works produced during the four massive fine art creation campaigns organized by the NMC since 1951 and showcases over 40 fine art works about leaders and their people.

Most of the exhibits are done by famous artists after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Among them is The Founding Ceremony by Dong Xiwen, Shifting to Fight in North Shaanxi by Shi Lu, Crossing the Yellow River Eastward by Ai Zhongxin, and Joining of the Forces at Jinggang Mountain by Lin Gang.

There are also traditional Chinese paintings especially customized for the NMC, such as Taihang Iron Wall by Wang Yingchun & Yang Lizhou, The Founding of New China by Tang Yongli and Wise Man by Feng Yuan.