Bernie Taupin considers himself a storyteller.

As a visual artist for almost two decades, this installation of new mixed media at IV Gallery continues his ongoing narrative with American culture. His professional concentration has been on mastering visual productions: portraying powerful motifs in a coalescence of string, spray paint, wood stain, pop-art, and more. He also conveys emotion through color and form, rendering abstract expressionist imagery inspired by Mark Rothko, Rauschenberg and Barnett Newman.

Although born in the United Kingdom, Taupin has called California home for over half of his life. As an American citizen, his recurring use of the U.S. flag pays tribute to the American West, musical pioneers and urban environments. He cites all of these influences as heavy inspiration for all he does and as patriotic reference of the freedom he respects and appreciates.

Bernie Taupin has made a name for himself both with words and visual art. He’s amassed a repertoire of over 45 albums with his musical partner Elton John, who together are responsible for penning classics such as “Tiny Dancer,” “Rocket Man,” “Candle in the Wind”… and the list goes on.

When asked about what fuels his creative inspirations, this accomplished multi-talented artist often comments that his art creations are merely the visual manifestations of his lyrics. This recent series of compositions combines all of those diverse elements - everything that together creates the visual texture of America.