From 20 September to 27 October 2017 the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro will host the first personal exhibition in Milan by Alis/Filliol, a duo made up of Davide Gennarino (1979) and Andrea Respino (1976). This initiative is the second of the three Project Rooms 2017, whose scientific project is curated by Simone Menegoi.

For this occasion, Alis/Filliol will present a large unpublished work, created specifically for the Foundation’s space, where sculpture has been chosen as sphere of reference and field of experimentation. Just as in their previous works, this too will revisit sculptural techniques in unexpected and, at times, paradoxical ways, re-reading its traditional genres in the light of contemporary imagery.

Alis/Filliol’s work is not just a work of sculpture but also a work on sculpture: on its history, its genres, on the traditional techniques. For example, in the cycle of works Fusione a neve persa [Lost snow fusion] (2008-2010), foundry wax is thrown into a mould of pressed snow; from a transitory material the wax is promoted to something definite, in an inversion of the traditional “lost wax” technique. Or Fratelli [Brothers] (2014), a pair of grotesque heads modelled in industrial fat, in a precarious and reversable way; the “non finished”, a fundamental category in the history of sculpture from Michelangelo, becomes “non finishable”.