Grob Gallery is proud to announce “Silence Stronger Than Thunder”, an exhibition showcasing not only silence as portrayed in physical form through some sculptures but also silence as expressed in the individual images themselves through photographs of some other sculptures.

These forms portray either both silence and reflect human figures and flowers, or they refer strongly to the life essences of both human beings and flowers. Ultimately what are composed are eloquent allusions to time, space and eternity that are captured and, in some cases, encaged before they could leave the form forever.

In Silence Stronger Than Thunder, the expressive state of eternity embedded in the form is carved in bread, plaster, bronze and accompanies the paper that carries the photograph of some other sort of expressive states of eternity. The shapelessness and inconsistency of Quinn’s strange bodies in baked bread, the fragility of Müller’s plaster faces, the restless coldness of Calder’s figures in bronze, and the intangibility of the images of the sculptures by Rodin, Bulloz and Brancusi are some of the pieces which together with the rest tell about the lack of and longing for stone, a medium that is known to be the original material that almost perfectly imitated the form that the human beings desire to hold onto strongly. The solidity of the stone once admired and now criticized and so often altered is transmitted through the photography that humanity holds onto in a ceaseless desire to capture the present time in a frozen form.

We are, therefore, happy to present what is residing in the silence of these artworks. That powerful communicative force that once touched by the viewer’s eye responds by touching the viewer’s heart in one way or another. This interaction is sure proof that something somehow more valuable and impressive than even a performative thunder might be at play.