Grob Galley is proud to present “Beautiful, Useful, Love”, an exhibition showcasing 10 major and unique pieces designed by world renowned designer Ron Arad. Arad’s remarkable talent for industrial design and eye for architectural flare is reflected in these pieces which not only transform and communicate with and through the space they occupy, but that are also in and of themselves highly aesthetically pleasing.

Arad’s relentless experimentation with the aesthetic possibilities of steel, aluminium or polyamide combined with his radical re-thinking of form, structure – and sometimes purpose – of furniture has placed him on the cutting edge of contemporary industrial design and architecture. This same fascination with the morphological possibilities of industrial materials has led Arad to design a number of public art pieces as well.

Pressed Flower is one of these wonderful works. It not only captivates the viewer, but also challenges them to think of objects as more than mere utilities. The viewer is inspired to see objects as beautiful, useful and lovely companions in one’s daily life, companions with lives of their own.

We are, therefore, pleased to present these artworks as fitting subjects of contemporary design. Our aim is to cast contemporary industrial design as a proper artistic domain in its own right, and to bring it into focus through the astounding and eye-catching work of Ron Arad.