Antonella Mason's, Vertically third dimentions, exhibited in the Hall of the Palazzo della Ragione in Asolo, under the sponsorship of the City of Asolo and of the Civic Museum, which the Palace is part of, is promoted by Fondazione Sanità and by Associazione Amiche per la Pelle (Bosom friends) non-profit organizations, who do their utmost for women through various breast cancer prevention and psychological support projects; and also with initiatives aimed at the humanization of therapy, which has proven to be very important throughout treatment. Their slogan “Women Towards a New Balance” encourages dialogue integrated with the external environment, embracing the possibilities of relaxation offered by art, in its various manifestations.

In this regard Antonella Mason – born in Mogliano Veneto, a village near Venice, and active since 2000 in New York – offers a selection of works, from 2015 to today, whose poetic focus on the combined vision of intellect and emotional impulses. As a whole they are part of the pictorial cycle called “Vertically”, started in 2013, a branch of which is set on the concept of Third Dimension relating to the relationship between conscious and unconscious and the prospects of consciously associating the mind and heart. This concept relates to “Women Towards a New Balance” through the inner self, the physical body and the external world.

“Verticality” – understood as a way of thinking – and “Third Dimension” – which implies going “beyond” – empathically pour into the artist’s creative works. The exhibition therefore is recognized not only for the high quality of the paintings, but also for the reflection they bring about.

Born in Mogliano Veneto, and adopted as a New Yorker, her art moves between her studios in New York and Venice. She breathes in what she herself defines as her “oxygen”: expression through color. As a child, her drawings became watercolors when her mentor, Elio Bargagni, a Florentine artist, recognized her talent. Later, her watercolors turned into oils, her oils became acrylics. She immediately began to exhibit, especially portraits, capturing the personality of the subjects with a singular intensity. Hers was a constant search for inner freedom, a fullness of spirit, a simple and profound inspiration to understand existence.

The artist would continue to work with artists in Italy and in Berlin, studying at the International Graphics School in Venice and attending courses at the Scuola Libera del Nudo (Free school of the Nude) at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts.

Her love for art, and particularly for painting, was innate but changed in value, which at times saw her as a careful observer, and at other times absent and impatient. Studying at the Art Students League in New York City was crucial, where she attended a course with a well-known American painter (Peter Cox) on the study of light.

In 2000 she is started to live through her artistic language, expressed as narration, a message to the world. She settled in her beloved New York City in 2006 and continued her studies at the Department of Fine Arts at St. John’s University, where she received the Dean's recognition as a student of merit, then entered Queens College, City University of New York as an honors student and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, receiving the Highest Recognition in Arts in the Fine Arts Department of Queens College, CUNY. Her experience in America would forge her true identity. From then on, the artist was her art, and her art was herself, the artist. They could no longer be divided. Her Vertically project (from Becoming and moving through The Woman of thousand worlds) was the launching pad for her dialogue with the infinite, which raised the interest of psychologists and neuroscientists , notably Dr. James Stellar, with whom she would begin a scientific- intellectual dialogue that would pave the way towards “three-dimensional concepts”, namely a vision in constant change, which she defines as “the evolution of being”.