Artify Gallery is excited to announce the continuation of Maison de Luxe in a second edition: Maison de Luxe Pt. II! This group exhibition is centered on the idea of how art and luxury living can harmonize together. The gallery has been transformed into different ‘rooms’, each replicating a house-style setting where the audience can visualize how the artwork might appear in their own homes. With a special end of summer discount on selected artworks, Artify Gallery encourages visitors to easily take home their favourite artwork into their own Maison de Luxe. The exhibition runs from 25 August to 25 November 2017.

Malaysian photographer Eiffel Chong returns with his Seascape series in the Chambre section of the gallery. The steady horizon line in each photograph connects the series together and creates a serene feeling that is suitable for this tranquil bedroom scene. Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi also features his artwork in this section of the gallery with his latest series of photographs captured along roadsides in Eastern European countries. In a room nearby is the nursery, called the Garderie. Here Sarah Tse’s whimsical drawings, etchings and lithographs depict fantastical scenes of animals, flowers and household objects, which are inspired by her own dreams and childhood memories. The Vestiaire, the dressing room area, houses Chinese ink paintings by Eve Leung. Her romantic paintings depict everyday objects, such as a umbrellas and diasies, yet it is their banality that makes them interesting, as the artist alters their functions and transforms them in a fantastical domestic setting. In the Salle d’etude, Wong Xiang Yi displays her Chinese ink paintings on rice paper; depicting gentile and delicate male characters to allow her to express her interest in Yaoi (Boy’s Love) and her experience as a Fujoshi. Hong Kong artist Vivian Ho showcases her pastel drawings in the Salon.

These artworks center on the concept of micro-violence on the human body, which is inspired by the artist’s observations of daily life, people and relationships. Whether the drawings depict a bruised collarbone or broken fingernails, Ho attempts to explore these intimate relationships between our emotional interior versus its appearance on our physical exterior. In the Salle a manger, the dining room scene, Evan Wu exhibits Chinese ink paintings centered playfully on food as the subject. For instance, in her work Tea and Bun, Wu depicts two local delicacies, whilst also alluding to the activity and excitement at the Cheung Chai Bun Festival.

Each room in Maison de Luxe aims to inspire the audience to reflect on how artwork may appear in their own homes. With a special summer discount sale, the gallery hopes that visitors feel inspired to take the exhibited artwork back to their own homes, turning a once ordinary house into their own Maison de Luxe.