The Revolution of 1917, then the First World War, forced many Russian painters and artists to leave their country or prevented those who found themselves abroad from returning to their homeland.

They settled in Germany, Italy, America or France. Far removed from their own ancestral traditions, these artists absorbed the influence of a Western art and collectively explored a new aesthetic dimension. A special emphasis was placed in Paris which was indisputably a major artistic location. The capital welcomed these personalities, and many were to leave their profound mark, influencing the cultural milieu of their time.

To name a few ones, Goncharova, Larionov, Exter, will become masters of modern art and will design sets for Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. The exhibition at Artvera’s Gallery offers an opportunity to discover how two cultures, the Eastern and the Western, came together in these artists’ work. About thirty masterpieces are exhibited at the gallery until July 29, 2017.

Exhibited artists: Boris Anisfeld, Vladimir Baranov-Rossiné, David Burliuk, Marc Chagall, Serge Charchoune, Sonia Delaunay, Alexandra Exter, Natalia Goncharova, Alexej von Jawlensky, Konstantin Korovin, André Lanskoy, Mikhail Larionov, Tamara Lempicka, Philipp Maliavin, Abraham Manievich, Marevna, Serge Poliakoff, Jean Pougny, Vera Rockline, Issachar Ryback, Lasar Segall, David Shterenberg, Chaim Soutine & Nikolai Tarkhov.