Arcadia Contemporary is proud to present Brooklyn- based artist Casey Baugh’s premiere solo exhibition in Los Angeles, “Exposed”. The exhibition opens on May 20, celebrating Baugh’s latest body of work with a pop-up opening night reception at Noh/Wave, a 5,500 sq ft creative space in the heart of Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles. The artwork will then be exhibited at Arcadia Contemporary’s gallery space in Culver City, California.

Baugh is an artist of contrasts, but one who sidesteps the cliché traps that befall most artists that fit that description. His masterful depictions of the human form have long garnered him respect and admiration from devotees of both the traditional and the avant-garde, but just as impressive has been his own personal journey into his artwork. With “Exposed”, his exploration goes deeper with paintings of the nude figure in dynamic motion, while also pulling out of the claustrophobia of city streets and nightlife into the expanse of nature, culminating in works as yet unseen from Baugh, a resident of Brooklyn. In other works he presents emotionally-charged close ups of the most expressive features of the body, the hands and face.

Known for his bold calligraphy of brushstrokes and seemingly unpredictable chemical reactions of paint, charcoal, and solvents, Baugh skillfully uses abstract elements to bring forth the true forms and volumes of his models. He works both from life, with models sitting for him as he paints or draws, and from his passion for photography, composing his layouts digitally before bringing them to fruition onto canvas in oil, or onto paper in charcoal.

This exhibition will open at Noh/Wave in Downtown Los Angeles, and be on display at Arcadia Contemporary May 21st through June 8th.