Buchmann Lugano city space will present a large work by Lawrence Carroll (Melbourne 1954), an artist of Australian origin.

Carroll’s work, often on the boundary between painting and sculpture, is pervaded by an intense sense of poetry and a subtle autobiographical imprint. His paintings have a great force of intensity, expressed prevalently by colour tonalities that recall the delicate shades of Morandi and others. His painting transcends the ordinary and transforms it into an emotive experience that resembles meditation. His art, as Gianfranco Maraniello writes, ‘always refers to something else, if not to “everything else”; it evokes the past and announces the unthinkable’. In his paintings, Carroll explores the very nature of painting as the artist himself writes: Painting is something different for everybody.

Whether you look at them or make them. There is no one way to understand a painting and there is no one way in which they are made. This will forever always be.

My paintings don't come from the politics or turbulence of the world. My paintings come from moments almost lost in the passing day.

I carry with me these moments, stored, buried away in a life that is passing, in hopes to rescue them and to give them the dignity they deserve.