The exhibition space Buchmann Lugano presents Friday July 5th starting from 5 pm the works of Swiss artist and photographer Marco D’Anna (* 1964, Zurich).

Marco D’Anna's snapshots of Estival Jazz, on one hand, historicize and give depth to this musical event - one of the most renowned on the international scene - and on the other, they capture its immediacy and its fragrance year after year. They have grown together: the photographer along an increasingly broad and precise path within the adventure and the human figure; Estival and its promoters (Jacky Marti and Andreas Wyden) along a kaleidoscope of atmospheres and music interpreted and personalized by the protagonists of the contemporary musical culture. The result is an uninterrupted, lively collaboration, almost a confrontation-challenge in which the photographer-artist researches and finds in the characters, faces, instruments and climate between music and improvisation something distinctive and progressive in the contemporary scene. In this important part of Marco D’Anna's work, in these fragments of extraordinary exhibitions, a passionate and affectionate participation is captured, but even more the awareness of identifying something distinctive while in the background the third millennium approaches and then bursts. This is confirmed by the research in the faces, in the attitudes, in the performances, in the way of expressing oneself through music, of something that enters the soul, bringing with it the beauty of chords and music, which often flow precisely from the relationship between musicians and listeners, stage and audience.

The exhibition space Buchmann Lugano presents a carefully selected sequence of photographs of the internationally renowned artist Marco D’Anna related to Estival Jazz taken from 1981 to the present. Introduced by a large-format image of the innovator and musical genius Miles Davis, the artist portrays many of the major characters of the new music in black & white and in color, moving between current events, memory and myth. In the close-ups, in the bodies and hands, in the looks and clothing, in movements and even in tics, in the portraits of artists-performers Marco D’Anna materializes a fusion between photography and music.