Waterhouse & Dodd, the international dealership with galleries in London and New York, is delighted to present Doug Argue's recent artwork in New York City.

Ray Waterhouse, gallery owner says, "Doug's captivating and complex paintings have been a huge hit with our clients. We had a very successful gallery show 2 years ago, and have exhibited him at major art fairs in the US and Europe too. I think these recent paintings are his best ever. Doug is a hardworking, dedicated and passionate artist whose work I highly recommend to collectors."

Argue has had a thirty-year painting career and currently paints works that are essentially abstract, but with elongated letters which float between the different layers of a painting. Occasionally he will depict a figure but these are usually hidden beneath the surface. His work is both aesthetically beautiful and intellectually challenging.

Argue says, "There are many different histories in the world, in both art and politics, and we often see things in the current moment, yet have no idea what lies beneath. I am trying to express this flux – this constant shifting of one thing over another, like a veil over the moment itself."

Argue was born in Minnesota and is now based in New York. He has received multiple awards, and his work has been the subject of numerous successful solo exhibitions and is represented in prestigious public and private collections. Two of his large works were commissioned for the lobby of One World Trade Center.