With the exhibition art<3OOO we want to highlight the future of art and its new pioneers and focus on art accessible for all.

Staying true to our mission as Catherine Ahnell Gallery/Freerunning Art Corp we would like to celebrate the new breed of artists who is leading the way into our future museum collections and shaping art history, changing the rules of where fine art generates from, and broadening its audience.

Both our artists L’ATLAS and TANC were recently highlighted and interviewed in the ARTE television serie ’Ceci n’est pas un graffiti’ and French television’s CANAL+ "L'Emission d'Antoine" cementing this generation of artists’ importance.

We have the chance! You, me and everyone who is looking, to live the artistic movement of the 21th Century. We have Picasso and his friends in front of us!

(Magda Danyzs, Gallerist)