Spring 2024 marks a pivotal moment for sustainable fashion as New York Fashion Week (NYFW) unveils an impressive lineup of more than 30 designers who have made sustainability the core of their collections, a remarkable increase compared to previous years. These emerging and established designers are reshaping the fashion landscape, focusing on eco-friendly practices, using CGI, 3D, AI technologies to assist in creating a landscape of more responsible fashion consumption. As the pandemic's impact continues to influence the industry, a fresh cohort of designers is spearheading the shift towards ethical and sustainable fashion, leaving a lasting mark on NYFW Spring 2024. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the five notable designers (some new faces to NYFW, others more established) committed to sustainable fashion - Grace Ling, Kozaburo, Dauphinette, Collina Strada, and Samy Miró Vintage.

Grace Ling

Grace Ling is a pioneering fashion label that seamlessly blends technology and sustainability. Known for its 3D-printed metal pieces and sculptural silhouettes, the brand's designs are achieved through meticulous cut and pattern making, resulting in zero waste. By merging technology with traditional craftsmanship, Ling creates timeless pieces with a commitment to longevity. Her Spring/Summer 2024 collection, titled "NEVERLAND," continues her exploration of anthropomorphism in fashion. Drawing inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch's painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights," Ling's collection features sleek and precise designs. It includes gradient dresses, bodycon sets with chrome inserts, and updated brand staples like the leather circle bolero jacket. Ling's multifaceted approach to fashion balances sensuality and formality, making her a rising star in the industry, with the likes of JLo admiring her designs.


Kozaburo Akasaka's New York Fashion Week Spring 2024 collection marked a standout moment with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Set in a Brooklyn warehouse resembling a modern Zen garden, the runway showcased Akasaka's commitment to individuality and eco-conscious fashion. Sustainability has been a hallmark of Akasaka's work, with signature recycled jeans crafted from discarded denim scraps, showcasing his dedication to repurposing materials. His ongoing project, Phantom Ranch Market, focuses on reuse and upcycling. Akasaka encourages wearers to adapt and modify his creations over time, ensuring their longevity and sustainability in the fashion landscape.One notable technique he uses in his designs is to create a row of stitches which a wearer can cut apart to make pair of trousers bigger if they ever need to change their size. Kozaburo’s collection makes sustainable fashion ultra chic - high-waisted denim styles with double waistbands and avant-garde glasses created a unique visual identity


Dauphinette's Spring/Summer 2024 collection, "Gods, Girls, and Monsters," defies its joyful reputation, exploring the theme of life's "little deaths." It maintains its whimsical charm but incorporates unconventional materials like sea urchin shells, vintage crucifixes, and upcycled door knobs. Lampshade dresses adorned with googly eyes, Bandolier phone cases with wig hair straps, and pearl-crusted kitten heels take center stage. Dauphinette's unique strength lies in its steadfast commitment to sustainability. Designer Olivia Cheng creatively repurposes thrifted pieces, adorning them with beetle wings, upcycled door knobs, vintage silks, sea urchin spines, and more. This collection reflects upon death and the nuances of girlhood, showcasing clothing as both armor and expression. Dauphinette is rewriting the vintage fashion narrative, emphasizing eco-consciousness in every meticulously crafted piece. From hand-embroidered winter coat faces to hot pink moto jackets, Dauphinette redefines fashion with a deep respect for history and a strong commitment to sustainability..

Collina Strada

Collina Strada's Spring 2024 collection, led by designer Hillary Taymour, delves into the world's tumultuous state with a profound message: “Everything sucks. We’re all doomed. The world’s on fire, but we’re doing a fashion show because that’s what we know how to do”. Models, masked with forced smiles, reflected the anxiety of our times as they walked the runway with arms clenched, symbolizing the pressing concerns of climate change. This thought-provoking collection, inspired by AI's roles in both creativity and destruction, blends chaos with femininity, resulting in edgy yet relaxed designs. The brand's signature sustainable ethos remains intact, with ethical fabrications, upcycled materials, and local production driving the collection's creation. Collina Strada's innovative approach marries fashion with social consciousness, embodying the spirit of a new era where sustainability and style go hand in hand, proving that fashion can be a powerful platform for change.

Samy Miró Vintage

Sami Miro Vintage's debut at New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2024 was a showstopper, where the talented designer Sami Miró transformed a pair of jeans into an entirely new outfit, impressing an A-list crowd. Miró's unconventional path from Silicon Valley's tech startup scene to fashion is a testament to her creativity and determination. Her commitment to sustainability and her innovative use of vintage materials are at the core of her brand, making a statement about protecting the environment. Sami Miró Vintage is not just about fashion; it's a conscious movement to bring meaningful change to the industry. With a growing team of women of color and a dedication to authenticity, SMV continues to evolve and set an example for the fashion world to prioritize conscious behavior and business decisions to protect the planet.