Brand New Gallery is pleased to present “Imagine” a group exhibition that features more than 50 artists who are experimenting the possibilities of figuration in painting.

Referring to the song “Imagine” composed by John Lennon the lead singer of the Beatles, the show aims to explore and present the new figurative trend in contemporary art. The word “Imagine” has a double meaning: it’s an invite to dream, to create and to think and it also refers to the possibility of concreteness.

“Imagine” investigates the artist’s gesture, the use of the media and how images have been created by ones imagination or from the observation of reality. Similar to the song “Imagine”, the artists involved are heterogeneous in regard to age, media and country of origin.

From portraits and still lifes to landscapes, each artist offers their own unique style of capturing an image. The installation will reseamble a Wunderkammer where visitors come into direct contact with the creative process of art.