Brand New Gallery is pleased to present “Yellow Sax” Rose Wylie’s first solo exhibition in Italy.

On view three large-scale paintings: “Black Stork” (2012), including two recent works “A Musician From Margate, Seagulls” (2017) and “A Musician From Margate, Shamrock” (2017); that together underscore the artist’s distinctive working process and intuitive approach to image-making.

Wylie creates paintings that on first glance appear aesthetically simplistic, not seeming to align with any recognizable style or movement, but on closer inspection are revealed to be wittily observed and subtly sophisticated mediations on the nature of visual representation itself.

Rose Wylie finds inspiration from a wide range of visual culture from ancient to now: from film to fashion photography, from literature to mythology, from news images to sports, and from individuals she meets in her day-to-day life. The artist paints colorful and exuberant compositions that are uniquely recognizable. Often working from memory, she distils her subjects into succinct observations, using text to give additional emphasis to her recollections.

Rose Wylie’s paintings offer a direct and wry commentary on contemporary culture.

Rose Wylie (1934, born in Kent) lives and works in Kent.

Rose Wylie graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 1981.

Wylie’s works are in the collections of the Tate Britain (London), the British Council (London), National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington DC), Walker Art Gallery (Liverpool), Norwich Gallery (Norwich), Arario Museum (Seoul), Royal College of Art (London), Stadtische Galerie (Wolfsburg), Zabludowicz Collection (London) and David Roberts Foundation (London) among the others.

A solo show at Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London is scheduled in 2017.

She has exhibited her work widely internationally, including solo exhibitions at Neue Galerie Gladbeck (Gladbeck, 2017), Choi&Lager (Cologne, 2017), David Zwirner (London, 2016), Chapter Gallery (Cardiff, 2016), Turner Contemporary (Margate, 2016), VW VeneKlasen/Werner (Berlin, 2015), Union Gallery (London, 2015), Douglas Hyde Gallery (Dublin, 2015), Staedtische Galerie Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg, 2014), Tate Britain (London, 2013), Haugar Museum (Tonsberg, 2013), Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery (Philadelphia, 2012).

Recent group shows include: The Drawing Room (London, 2017), Union Gallery (London, 2017), Pratt Manhattan Gallery (New York, 2017), The Journal Gallery (New York, 2017), Moran Bandaroff (Los Angeles, 2016), Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum (Tønsberg, 2016), David Zwirner (London, 2016), Royal Academy (London, 2016), Foundling Museum (London, 2016), Royal College of Art, (London, 2016), Brand New Gallery (Milan, 2016), Azerbaijan Pavilion-Venice Biennale (Venice, 2015), Leeds City Art Gallery, (Leeds, 2015), Walker Art Gallery (Liverpool, 2014), The Approach (London, 2011), National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington DC, 2010), Timothy Taylor Gallery (London, 2010), Norwich Gallery (Norwich, 2007).