Martin Tinney Gallery’s Summer Exhibition gives the rare opportunity to experience the work of Wales’ greatest artists such as Gwen John and Ceri Richards alongside exciting contemporary artists such as Meirion Ginsberg and Amelia Tollerton. What emerges is a fascinating examination of Welsh culture through a diverse range of artistic practices, encompassing a wide range of media and subject matter. The exhibition also includes a number of pieces by the late Gwilym Prichard whose vibrant work sits surely alongside the work of John Piper and Sir Kyffin Williams.

This year’s Summer Show features specially selected works by Wales’ leading artists, including Gwen John, Augustus John, John Piper, Ceri Richards, Joseph Herman, Sir Kyffin Williams, Donald McIntyre, Evelyn Williams, Gwilym Prichard, Nerys Johnson, Claudia Williams, Mary Lloyd Jones, Wilf Roberts, Harry Holland, Kevin Sinnott, John Macfarlane, Sarah Thwaites, Catrin Williams, Amelia Tollerton and Meirion Ginsberg.

In addition to the featured works there is a changing exhibition of work by all our gallery artists with works replaced as they are sold.

Prices range from £100 to £40,000 and Collectorplan is available to purchase work by living artists with a new maximum loan amount of £5000.

The work is for sale and may also be seen on our website.