Humour plays a big part in my work, but this seems to be mellowed out by the intuitive construction of my paintings. I am a strong believer of improvisation and risk taking which are two strong elements in my mind that strengthen my ideas and skill. - Meirion Ginsberg

Meirion Ginsberg is one of the most exciting young Welsh painters working today. He was born in North Wales in 1985 and trained at Cardiff College of Art. His dynamic, enigmatic, colourful and painterly work is inspired by characters in his everyday life. His strong use of abstraction in the background, swirling colours and geometric shapes, contrasts abruptly with the detail of his characters in the foreground, creating a unique and highly expressive painting style.

“I really enjoy abstract work but I’m not an abstract painter. I would like to be and so I guess I try to force it in somehow and incorporate that. Every time I try and make an abstract picture, a figure comes out. I’m toying with the two things.”

Ginsberg fuses a range of influences from Francis Bacon and Willem de Kooning to Norman Rockwell. This exhibition of 20 new paintings is his second solo show at Martin Tinney Gallery.