Sarah Thwaites was born in 1959, Sarah Thwaites trained at Wimbledon School of Art and then Goldsmiths College. She has been living and working in Wales since 1987. Sarah has had numerous solo exhibitions, and has been included in many group shows, including The Discerning Eye at the Mall Galleries in London and Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff. The National Museum and Gallery of Wales, Cardiff has recently purchased Sarah's work for the national collection.

She says of her work: "My work is a personal response to landscapes discovered through time and exploration. A fleeting moment captured from a glimpsed scene or the essence of a place distilled through multiple layers of texture and mark."

Sally James Thomas was born in Cardiff in 1973, Sally James Thomas graduated from Middlesex University in 1995 with a degree in Fine Art with Sociology. After a period in London, she returned to her home of North Pembrokeshire, where living, working and engaging with the coast continually influences colour, texture and subject.

Through a combination of techniques, Sally explores strength and presence – contrasted with concepts of the ephemeral and disintegration. Natural and synthetic shapes, forms and textures are integrated in her work, and simulated by the exploration of materials. Her strong interest in geology is linked with the compression element necessary for printmaking.

She uses printmaking, often not to produce multiples, but for the distinctive qualities that can be achieved.

The exhibition consists of approximately 30 new paintings and provides a wonderful opportunity to see the work of two talented artists.